Our Next 4 Month Group Mentorship,

For Purpose Driven Experts

Let's Work Together To Double Your Impact And Income In Your Purpose-Driven Business, In The Next 100 Days

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Do you want to expand your influence, impact and income through your purpose-work, but are looking for more than an online course as you need connection with a mentor and the support of others working through the same challenges as you?

If this resonates with your journey in purpose, why not join us on our next 4 month mentorship where we come together in a small community and work together to implement The Soul of Business teachings together.

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Get lifetime access to The Soul of Business Online Seeker business training. 

This training is designed to give you all the business wisdom needed to double your impact and income and develop your feelings of:

👉 Fulfilling Your Purpose

👉 Making Change That Matters

👉 Your Value Being Appreciated

This is done by spending two weeks on each of The Soul of Business Accelerators:

✔   Manifestation


   Hearing Your Answers

   Surrendering Purpose




✔   Gratitude

   Being The Change

Be supported in a close, intimate group of purpose driven experts just like you.

People who also are passionate about expanding the impact they are having in the world. During the mentorship we come together at the end of each week with Damian in an online gathering to 

👉 Review progress overall

👉 Discuss the training delivered this week

👉 Share our challenges and learn from each others’ experiences

You will also be invited to join us in an online group for day to day, on the go connection and support. In this community we:

✔   Enjoy a safe capsule for sharing and asking for feedback

   Have formal monthly manifestation sessions

   Learn from the wisdom with others who have already worked through The Soul of Business training, who come and share with us as guests

   Gently keep each other accountable

   Have the opportunity to create partnerships from within the group

   Enjoy the possibility for social get togethers (online if geography is a problem)


Pre-register Here To Join The Next Mentorship Group